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Texas Junk Company

Texas Junk Company

215 Welch St. | (713) 524-6257 | Map

Houston’s largest collection of used cowboy boots, and a great selection of random Texas junk.

Al Schissel

Had the rare opportunity to find the Texas Junk Co while on a business trip, unfortunately the shop was closed, but I look forward to my next trip to Houston and will carve out at least one day to shop the store…very cowboy cool! (2008-09-01 17:13:49)

Dr. Reiter

Bob is a Zen Master. (2008-07-21 17:33:09)


Bob is my favorite @ss#073 I know of no other shop owner who will throw out a customer for failing to extend a greeting before trying to get a bargain. He’s not in the bargain business! He’s in the junk business! He’s in the supply business at burning man LaborDay week. (2008-02-19 22:57:59)

pen morrison

Bob’s an old friend. So many of the cool stuff in our house came from Texas Junk Company. I would go in looking for ? and come out with something else! (2007-12-28 09:08:01)

richee waste

i got some great cowboy boots for me and my girl. the next time i went there specifically to find a wooden paint box, and whaddayaknwow? i found one with 2 palettes and several tubes of oil paint! all that for ten bucks! (2007-11-26 14:45:54)


I stumbled onto the Texas Junk Company by accident and have to say that it was truly a wonderful experience. There is so much stuff to look at and explore…that I literally spent a whole day there. And I even found an odd-sized frame that I have been searching for for a long time. There are hundreds and hundreds of frames to choose from. I will surely be back. (2007-08-25 17:41:41)

bob novotney

I do have a/c. I also have thousands of preowned cowboy boots. 11-6p.m. Thurs.-sat. (2006-12-13 09:55:58)


Bob Novotny always has a plenty of good junk and good conversation. If you’re looking for a unique conversation piece, a restoration project, or the kookiest Texas souvenirs, Bob’s your man. Hot in the summer, though. Dude’s got no a/c! (2006-01-21 12:07:10)

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