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Skateboarding, BMX, and Disc Golf!


its a bad ass sk8 park (2008-06-10 14:19:03)

raul aguilar

ez 7 is crazy first skate park i ever been to (2008-06-09 14:23:57)

Scotty MC

WOW! I am in a little bit of shock to say the least. I started skating EZ-7 back in the 80s and then in ‘90 moved to Austin. I recently returned for work and decided to see if it was still around… it’s amazing that our “little secret” drainage ditch is now an official park. I never would have dreamed this could have happened when I was rolling on it over 20 years ago. Live on EZ-7!!

Old sk8r dude (2008-06-03 11:04:36)


i live around da corner and it rocks (2008-05-20 20:50:15)


nice park last time i went there it was wet from rainiNg but it was cool ima go again tomorow SK8 or DIE (2008-05-15 17:21:05)


this place is so cool.I love skating there. (2008-03-29 21:52:45)


ez7 is big pimpen (2008-02-15 21:57:54)

Skater Steve

EZ-7 is definitely one of the best skateboarding ditches in Houston, TX. It offers all the speed and creativity one can carry out in their skating skills. Also, their is a super good vibe amongst all the locals. (2008-01-26 22:00:53)


ez7 is 4 skaters and will always B 4 skaters rock on (2007-11-03 12:26:03)


ez-7 RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (2007-10-03 15:56:14)

Mister Z

EZ-7 is the bomb I have been going there since I was knee high. Back when it was just a ditch. EZ-7 Houston’s original skatepark. (2007-10-02 18:45:31)

Jaykup bower

if your chill, like good people, and love to skate it up, look no further EZ 7- the best park in all of the region (2007-06-15 10:15:46)


tight park the ground just a little bit to slick but still tight place (2007-04-11 10:13:27)

Allan Nava

This is a Houston legendary skateboarding location. Its in a park off T.C. Jester in Oak forest and has been skated for 20+ years by locals and professional alike. Featured in many magazines and skateboard videos. Recently granted official skatepark status by the city. Another Houston legend for those in the know. (2006-07-07 19:10:23)

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